Extended Delta M1
Prepartion Course
Deepen your knowledge of ELT in this 20 week journey to level up
Intimate group of 6-8 passionate teachers
Live Sessions with expert tutors accompanied by prompts and self-study materials
Weekly group tasks based on the specific subjects in the field on ELT to delve deeper
  • 1
    You want a firm foundation in theory to support your practice
  • 2
    You want to bring your teaching to the next level
  • 3
    You want an internationally recognized diploma
  • 4
    You are passionate about teaching and want to grow professionally
  • 5
    You have at least 2 years of experience and are keeping up in the field of ELT
  • 6
    You have some previous professional development (CELTA is not required, but helps)
  • 7
    You need clear structure and guidance in your studies
  • 8
    You want to be a part of stimulating tribe of like-minded teachers

If you think that you can pass the exam just by attending the sessions. This is not a walk in the park.
You must
Do The Work if you want to pass Delta M1!
What makes this course different is that we set the framework to prepare you for all three modules of Delta. We delve deeply into research to help you become an expert in the field

Through guided study and a coaching session, you get ready to tackle the exam
  • Have a structured approach to understanding how to apply methodology in a practical manner
  • Have gained more confidence in your practice as a teacher
  • Learn the strategies on how to crush the exam
  • Have a clear understanding of the exam structure, criteria and all the intricacies of the tasks
  • Have an extensive range of knowledge to become a generalist in the field of ELT
  • Be ready to take the Delta Module I exam, and continue on to Module II 🚀

What language level do I need to join the course?
To begin studying for this course, you must be at least a strong C1 level
What if I haven't passed CELTA can I join the course?
Yes, if you are willing to put the extra work.
What time are the live sessions?
We negotiate the most suitable time for all group participants once the group is full, classes are once per week for 90m minutes.
Can I pay for the course in installments?
Yes, you can pay in 2 installments
Will you walk us through the books page by page?
No. The Delta is a Master's level Diploma in the UK education system. Therefore, you are expected to have a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility to study on your own. The course is designed with the flipped classroom model so we provide suggested reading material and expect you to do the work before coming to the sessions. This does not mean that you are left without support — we are always available in the group chat to answer questions.
How many hours per week do I need to study?
We recommend allocating at least 10 hours per week for studies outside the classroom.
This is a learner-driven course so you are expected to meet up with your classmates outside of the live sessions to complete additional tasks!
20 Week Course
20 Live sessions
90-minute live sessions on Zoom with tutors once per week
5 Months
of guided self-study with tasks, prompts and materials in addition to live sessions
2 Tutors
2 highly qualified tutors with 6-8 Participants
Segment 1 Research (10 weeks)

Every week you will have:

A reading assignment on a specific topic
A collaborative group project based on that
A 90 minute live input session with tutors to deepen your knowledge
A series of discussion prompts through a WhatsApp group
A reflective written task with feedback

By the end of Segment 1 you will have broadened your understanding of methodology and theories and have become more confident in applying that to your practice.

By the end of Segment 1,
you will have deepened your knowledge of:
  • Methodology
    The evolution of methodologies and approaches, and how they apply in various learning environments
  • Processing Theories
    The ways we process information and how this affects the way we develop receptive skills in the classroom
  • Language Acquisition
    Theories on language acquisition and learning, and how they inform the teaching process
  • Learner output
    Theories underlying learner errors and the linguistic challenges they face when producing language
  • Productive Skills
    The sub-skills and strategies that learners need in order to become competent users of the language
  • Discourse
    Features that make a given text appropriate for a genre, pragmatics, and how this applies to various learning contexts
  • Lexis
    The lexical approach, lexical semantics, language analysis, and how we process chunks
  • Phonology
    Systems of pronunciation and features of connected speech
  • Testing and Assessment
    Validity, reliability, and assumptions for assessment in the classroom
Segment 2 Exam Practice (10 weeks)

Each week consists of:

A series of Module 1 exam tasks to practice with your study buddy
A 90 minute live input session to focus on strategies for those tasks
Detailed analysis of examiner comments and sample responses
Feedback on how to avoid common pitfalls in the exam

By the end of segment 2 you will have applied the theory from the previous segment to be confident to tackle the Delta Module 1 exam.

By the end of Segment 2,
you will have deepened your knowledge of:
  • Terminology
    Definitions of key concepts in ELT—in the words that Cambridge expects on the exa
  • Language Features
    Analyzing the features of language and skills that learners require in order to complete productive tasks successfully
  • Analyzing Learner Output
    Identifying the main strengths and weaknesses to consider when analyzing a learner's attempt at a productive task
  • Genre Analysis
    Identifying the features of genre and style in an authentic text, and a detailed analysis of the language
  • Test Analysis
    Evaluating how effective an authentic test would be in achieving a specific goal in a given learning context
  • Course book Analysis
    The purpose and key assumptions behind an extract from a course book and how they support the learning process
  • Issues in ELT
    Beliefs about language learning, the teacher's role in the classroom, and the effect they have on a given learning context
You will also get a 1:1 coaching session right before your exam to make sure that you are ready to rock and focused on being your best!
What our students say ❤️
  • Tyler Scharf
    ESL Teacher, CELTA trainer, ACC Coach
    Tyler Scharf is a teacher, trainer & motivational coach based in Istanbul. Born in Canada, he has 10 years of experience in the field of ELT. Throughout the years he had the chance to work in Russia, India and Turkey, where he got his full Delta and was working as a Celta & ICELT tutor, and with Oxford University Press. He is the founder and owner of Sharp English.

    He is also a certified coach from Erickson International. He specialises in empowering teachers and learners to gain a clearer sense of self and develop confidence in their practice and learning.

    In this course Tyler is delivering input and coaching sessions as well as designing the curriculum.
  • Siobhan Kizilkaya
    ESL Teacher, Delta Trainer
    Siobhan Kizilkaya is a teacher, trainer, and former assessor for Cambridge. She is originally from the UK but is now based in Istanbul.

    With decades of experience in the field of ELT, she has extensive expertise in training and assessment due to her roles as a teacher trainer for Cambridge Delta and ICELT courses, IELTS examiner.

    In this course Siobhan is delivering input sessions and designing the curriculum.

Course Price
Sberbank, Tinkoff and local transfers are also possible. Payment in 2 installments is possible.
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20 Live 90-Minute Zoom Sessions
Life-long access to the online platform
Feedback throughout the course
Feedback on 1 full exam at at the end of the course
1 Private Coaching session
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