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General English, Exam preparation or other specicific purposes for learning the language
Katy Muench
ESL Teacher, CELTA Trainer
Katy is a British teacher trainer, materials developer, and exam specialist with over a decade of experience in various schools and universities, including Istanbul Technical University, Sheffield University, and University of East London. Currently she is based in the UK, Sheffield.

She has also trained hundreds of teachers for Cambridge Celta, Oxford University Press, and Express Publishing. Katy has extensive experience in exam preparation and assessment, and she is known to have the most creative solutions for lesson planning and material design.

She has Delta M1, 2 and a BA in Journalism with honours.

She is available for consultations and private lessons.
Siobhan Kizilkaya
ESL Teacher, Delta Trainer
Siobhan Kizilkaya is a teacher, trainer, and former assessor for Cambridge. She is originally from the UK but is now based in Istanbul.

With decades of experience in the field of ELT, she has extensive expertise in training and assessment due to her roles as a teacher trainer for Cambridge Delta and ICELT courses, IELTS examiner.

She is also available for consultations and private lessons.

Sarah Walsh
ESL Teacher, University Lecturer
Sarah has been an English teacher for almost 15 years and her experience includes teaching general and business English in France, as well as general-academic English at Universities of Sheffield and Nice. More recently, she has worked with ESOL learners at The Sheffield College, and she has also been teaching functional skills English for several years.

Cambridge CELTA-qualified, she is currently working towards obtaining the Delta, specialising in English for Academic Purposes.

Her students include learners of general, business, and academic English and her approach varies according to the specific needs of the group or individual in question. The teaching method is very much anchored in the communicative method, with a strong emphasis on student-centred interactions and adapting materials and content to the individual learners in each class.

Sarah is available for private lessons.

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